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December 7th, 2005

Wow, another 30+ something members pending and over half of them either didn't read the rules or left bad URL's or email addresses… if you forgot to read over the rules, then don't be surprised that I have edited your member info; I will not allow nicknames from the InuYasha series i.e. Kagome or any other character names. If you leave a question in the comment field, please check out the FAQ (which has been updated) first.

November 16th, 2005

I have to point out how many spam, bad emails/URLs, stupid nicknames that were pending this time around, it was unbelievable. I'd like to remind you all to read the rules and/or the FAQ before joining. Note that I will not make you a website, I will not give you my layout ~don't even think of stealing it! I do not answer questions asking; "Does Inuyasha and Kagome get married?" or "Who does Inuyasha really Love?" I am not affiliated with Rumiko Takahashi creator of InuYasha; this is a Fanlisting. Please refrain from asking these types of questions, read the FAQ next time. Thank you.

October 14th, 2005

New affiliate added, More than Words The Quotes Of InuYasha (Series) Fanlisting. [edit] Much thanks go out to Jen, who informed me of a huge mistake on my behalf on giving out wrong information! The 2nd Inuyasha Movie is Kagami no Naka no Mugenjo and not Toki o Koeru Omoi, which is the 1st movie! I'm sorry for any confusion caused, but the error has now been fixed! [/edit]

October 1st, 2005

New affiliate added, Untamed Wilderness The Aoki Yasei wo Daite (IY Character Single One) Fanlisting. New FAQ section especially relating to all the questions I've been getting of late.

August 14th, 2005

Added a lot of new codes, converted to php and finally completed and uploaded the new layout.

August 02nd, 2005

Added a lot of new affiliates! Please check them out here. New layout coming soon!

July 02nd, 2005

Added one new affiliate! Somewhere Together the Inuyasha-tachi Fanlisting.

May 6th, 2005

Added one new affiliate! Kaze no Uta the Fukai Mori (Symphonic Theme) Fanlisting.

May 5th, 2005

Itazurana Kiss got approved by The Taboo Fanlistings Network! Which meant a complete make over of the rules & about sections! Plus not to mention 15 new codes added. Cleaned out members list & removed invalid info a total of 87 all together.

Added one new affiliate, the Firetripper Fanlisting - go join if you're a fan of Takahashi's Rumic World Short Stories!

· Febuary, 6th 2005 · by Angie · archived updates
Added one new affiliate, the Anime Otaku Fanlisting - go join now!
· January 31st 2005 · by Angie · archived updates
New layout now up! Updates to the omake section, and more new wallpapers. Newly added and updated codes have been replaced with newer versions, so please feel free to update your buttons! I also updated the way a member can edit thier member info by using a rather nifty script by where one can update their details straight to IK's database!

Happy New Year!

· January 03rd 2005 · by Angie · archived updates
Added one new affiliate: kakuhan maru!
· October 17th 2004 · by Angie · archived updates
I added more updates to the omake section including more new wallpapers i also included a password protected directory in order to reduce hotlinkers.
[edit] I won't be answering any questions or demands! Period! I get to many questions in the comments field... therefore don't expect a reply. There are plenty Inu sites out there, and this is a clique, no way am i an official site!! [/edit]
· Septemeber 22nd 2004 · by Angie · archived updates
New layout added; plus general updates to the omake section including a wallpaper section! Archived earlier updates and added new content. Sorry for the length of time between updates minna!
· August 29th 2004 · by Angie · archived updates

June 27th 2004 - I updated the omake section with new downloads!! Go me! Onto other updates, new members galore, but PLEASE before you email/ask me questions read the RULES it explains everything there, minna! Now go fourth and join...
<+> June 27th 2004 - I updated the omake section with new downloads!! Go me! Onto other updates, new members galore, but PLEASE before you email/ask me questions read the RULES it explains everything there, minna! Now go fourth and join...
<+> June 5th 2004 - New layout uploaded; 2 versions, one for 800 x 600 users and one for 1024 x 768 users; along with new members!! Keep joining minna-san!!
<+> April 2nd 2004 - New layout uploaded; along with new members that are now well over my original expectations for this site/clique! I also added my InuxKag fanfiction check that out in the "omake" section!!
<+> 19|o2|'o4 - More donated buttons added: by Rikuu44! New layout and Inuyasha & Kagome Kiss info in the omake section! *CODES ARE BACK UP!*
<+> 11|o2|'o4 - New donated buttons added! Made by Angie! New affiliate: Aijou!! Keep joining minna-san it is valentines week after all ^.^

Happy Valentines

<+> 21|o1|o4 - Sugoi! I finally moved over to PHP! BONZAI! GLOMPS to Alexandra, ( for all her help!! - Added a lot of members into the new database, but will get the rest up ASAP! I now need to remind my older members to UPDATE their details! New Affiliate! Shounen Clique. The Join Form is now open ^_^

<+> o7|o1|o4 - Added 20 New members. Keep joining minna-san!
<+> 27|12|o3 - No new members, but a new layout and codes have been uploaded! Keep joining peeps.. Inuyasha & Kagome need all the support they can get!!

<+> 24|12|o3 - 30 Newbies added! New codes added! Keep joining minna-san, and have a very happy x-mas! ^.^
<+> o1|12|o3 - 20 New members added; new donation codes (50x50) added! Keep joining peeps, i won't be moving to php anytime soon..
<+> 14|11|03' - 24 Newbie members added; new codes (50x50) added; just to remind everyone, if you do not READ the rules and/or link back to me, I will not add you to the members list.. please make sure you have a valid email address &/or webaddress with linkage back to Itazurana Kiss. Makes my job easier to manage. Thanks. Without further 'ado, keep joining to your hearts content!
<+> 27|10|03' - 20 more New members added! Keep em'coming everyone!
<+> 08|10|03' - 23 New members added! Sorry for the delay- We have reached 100 members! Arigatou minna-san! Keep joining; we love you Inu/Kag fans ^.^
<+> 15|09|03' - 13 New members added! Gomen ne for taking so long to update- we're now at a total of 82 members!
<+> 03|09|03' - 8 New members and more new codes [88x31/50x50] added! Keep joining minna-san! Arigatou.
<+> 24|08|03' - 9 Newbies added & 0 pending. New Affiliate "Safe by his Side" owned by Arin! We've now reached a total of 61 members, arigatou minna-san! Keep joining peeps!
<+> 14|08|03' - 7 New members added and 0 pending! Sugoi! 52 members thus far!! ^.^
<+> 07|08|03' - 4 NEW members added and 0 pending! My current member count is now 45! Arigatou minna-san!
<+> 02|08|03' - 10 newbies added and 0 pending! Thank you, once again for joining! *kisses* I also have a NEW affiliate! Doki Doki an Inuyasha fanlisting!
<+> 28|07|03' - 5 New members, plus new affiliate! "Ryoga and Ukyou Fanlisting" Thank you all for joining! *Glomps*
<+> 26|07|03' - 4 New members! New Affiliate - "Heart Miroku" another Inuyasha clique! This time supporting that hentai houshi, Miroku! Keep Joining peeps! Keep my site alive! *puppy eyes*
<+> 24|07|03' - 2 new members plus 2 pending, may i remind those who are not adding the code up on their website join link, i won't link you until you put my link on your site! NO neopet guild pages please either. Gomen about that! I joined "I Run A Clique" webring and got accepted! No other updates, please keep joining! With or without websites, we need to see you're support!!
<+> 22|07|03' - 7 new members added once more! Sugoi, a total of 21 so far and we've only just opened! Arigatou minna-san! Irrashaimasu "Shikon Shards" my new Inuyasha affiliate! More codes added plus somemore donated buttons!! Onegai, Keep Joining!
<+> 21|07|03' - 7 newbies! Remember, you can sign up with or without a website, but you MUST have put the link on your website BEFORE you join! New affiliate "Innocent Love" a bran new Inuyasha/Kagome shrine! Just opened! PLUS we have our 1st donated button! *Arigatou Mikari* Keep Joining! We need your support! Keep Inuyasha and Kagome's first kiss a celebration! ^.^
<+> 20|07|03' - 6 new members! Plus new affiliate!
<+> 19|07|03'- Könnichiwä! Itazurana Kiss has 'officially' opened! Come on in and look around, and if you'd like to join then please do! This clique is open to everyone, with or without websites!

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