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Inuyasha tells the story of a modern-day Japanese girl named Kagome whose family lives in an old shrine. On the shrine grounds, there is an old covered well, about which there is a legend, as well as an ancient Go-Shinboku God-Tree, and her grandfather's shop selling mystical fact, nearly everything about the house has a legend of some sort attached to it. Kagome has grown up thinking that the legends are simple superstitions, but when a monster reaches out of the ancient "Bone-Eater's Well" one day and drags her into Japan's distant past, she has to quickly come to terms with the magic of another era. That era is Japan's medieval past, the Sengoku- Jidai, typically referred to as the "Warring States" era of Japan's Muromachi period (approximately 1467-1568 CE).

During this time, rival warlords fought over territories with their private armies and built fortified castles to protect their conquests. Inuyasha takes place against this backdrop, and warlords and their armies frequently appear in its pages, often as the hapless victims of demonic attacks.

When Kagome arrives in the past, she's hailed by the local people as the reincarnation of their village's long-deceased priestess, Kikyo, who "killed" the demon Inu-Yasha by a mystical arrow before she died. This claim would seem to be the truth, as not only is Kagome the very image of the dead woman, but when she is wounded by an attacking centipede-demon, a glittering jewel emerges from the wound. This is the Shikon no Tama, or the "Jewel of Four Souls," which Kikyo died to protect. Kagome also proves to have special powers, including the ability to see magical objects. She may have even more powers, but Takahashi is content to reveal them gradually as the story unfolds.

The search for the Shikon no Tama becomes the center of Inuyasha's story when the jewel is shattered into multiple shards during an early battle. From that point, Inuyasha and Kagome have the unenviable task of tracking down all the shards, and piecing them back together again, and the story takes the form of a quest, with each episode introducing a new menace that has acquired a jewel shard. As their travels continue, new companions join in the journey-Myoga, Inu-Yasha's flea-demon servant; Shippo, a fox-demon; and Miroku, a Buddhist monk. Each additional character subtly alters the situation, bringing out new aspects to Inu-Yasha and Kagome's relationship.

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