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Itazurana Kiss (Mischievous Kiss), named after the 6th ending theme by Day After Tomorrow of the InuYasha TV Series and is a taboo approved Movie Scene Fanlisting dedicated to Inuyasha & Kagome's first kiss scene from the InuYasha 2nd Movie, Kagami no Naka no Mugenjo.

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The scene begins with Kaguya preparing to turn her mirror upon Inuyasha, ready to perform a spell that will trap his human side and release his full-demon. She is trying to control him at this point and It does begin to work, and he begins to lose control—he then starts to transform into a full youkai, he does try to struggle, but it proves to much and he eventfully fails to gain control… meanwhile the Inu-gumi are desperate to help him, but Miroku fails to reach him with his voice alone! Kagome also tries to help, but her yelling goes unnoticed by the changing hanyou. There is still hope, and she frees herself from her confines with the help of the Shinkon Shards and runs to Inuyasha, who is still fighting the spell, she grasps the front of his shirt, begging him to fight it.

He still can't seem to hear her when she declares that the form she loves is his hanyou form, and her voice is finally starting to penetrate a bit. He struggles at first, pushing her away.. So she does the last thing she can think of, and kisses him!! Their kiss breaks the spell and Inuyasha finally awakens as his hanyou self kissing Kagome back then berating her affectionatly as they break free.

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InuYasha is © Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Sunrise, & Yomiuri TV. This is just a fanlisting, no copyright infringement is intended. Open since July 19, 2003.